Outdoor Living Hanging Daybed & Canopy

Expand your living space. Create a new bedroom – outdoors! It’s a perfect place to relax, get away, & enjoy nature. The Floating Bed ® can be suspended from anything that the top ring (carabiner) can be attached to. Outdoors, that can be one of our stands, a porch ceiling, a gazebo, pergola, deck overhang, tree limb, beam or structure.​​​​​​​

Expand your living space.

Create a beautiful outdoor bed or extra room, fast!

Outdoor rooms have become an exciting way for homeowners to incorporate the pleasures of nature with family designed living areas. Outdoor retreats combine nature with all of the comforts that we enjoy indoors. Concepts include everything from sofas and beds to spas and meditation areas.

A Floating Bed is the ideal way for you & your guests to enjoy the great outdoors. It’s a perfect place to relax and get away. Quality hotels have installed our round, hanging, Floating Beds ® at poolside or decks; now you can too! Give your patio, porch, deck, or yard a new look. It’s a great complement for the pool, or spa, and it will get far more use.

Make your home larger with an outdoor Floating Bed – no need for a construction crew. They are far less expensive than adding another room to your home. It’s the best portable bedroom too! You can take it with you – if you move, go camping, or on an extended trip. Staying with friends with a small place but with a yard? Take your Floating Bed!

Decorate to reflect your taste and comfort

Want to get the kids outside? It’s a play house, tree house, or an extra bedroom. They will entertain themselves there for hours. Playing on it is good exercise too.

Want to get away from the kids? Give yourself some privacy, or a romantic escape.

Have guests visiting? They will love sleeping in the Floating Bed.

With many uses, it’s the most practical piece of furniture you can own. Put it anywhere; it’s much better than a bed, hammock, sofa, or lounger. Great indoors & out too; just install an indoor ceiling ring, and you can move it inside any time you like; summer outdoors, then indoors if the weather gets colder, to use as a bed or sofa.

There is something special about being close to nature, which we don’t get in modern “civilized” society. Having a Floating Bed outside will bring you back to that natural place. It’s surprising to find just how much your house isolates you from our natural heritage, the place we come from. Returning to the sights, sounds, scents, feel of the air, & seeing the sky, the clouds float by, re-sets something deep in the psyche. It’s also much safer, and infinitely more comfortable, than a tent or other outdoor furniture.

Outdoors, a daybed or canopy bed will allow you to actually use that valuable real estate, your yard. When entertaining guests you will have an ideal place to lounge as you talk. At night, you can feel the slight breeze thanks to the gentle rocking. Lie back and look at the stars, and enjoy a moment of peace by yourself, or with friends or family.

You can also decorate your outdoor canopy bed with our mosquito net, shades, or even our full waterproof tent to protect you from sun, rain, or bugs. The canopy bed really is a complete spare bedroom, indoors or out.

A porch or sunroom without a day bed is missing a perfect element to make it useful, and fun. Install a Floating outdoor daybed, and everyone will want to use it. That forgotten space will become a favorite place.

Other outdoor furniture, sunroom furniture, or porch furniture is not nearly as comfortable (or practical) as a Floating Bed.

You sit on a sofa, you relax on a Floating Bed; there is a huge difference.