The support system

A total paradigm shift

The Floating Bed is a total paradigm shift that will transform the rest of your life. It is not just a curiosity piece that you will discard in a few years, it is an unparalleled masterpiece that revolutionizes technology, comfort, and health.

Countless hours of meticulous thought, boundless creativity, and years of tireless design work have birthed the one and only Original Floating Bed. No other bed can even come close to matching its exceptional capabilities. Embark on a journey to experience “The Bed of the Future.”

Don’t wait for tomorrow—embrace the future today.

Premium Mattress meets Genius underlayment system

How the bed is made

The Mattress and its layers

At first glance, some may question the comfort of our seemingly thin mattress. However, allow us to provide an explanation. When you invest $2500 in a reputed latex or memory foam mattress, you are actually receiving a 3″ – 4″ topper, which constitutes the main cost, accompanied by a layer of cheap foam or box springs measuring 4″ – 8″ underneath. We offer premium latex, memory foam, wool, and hybrid options, like the other guys, along with various comfort layers.

However, what sets us apart is our custom underlayment net, which outperforms traditional alternatives.  Unlike other companies that skimp on costs, our underlayment net is made of 2000 feet of custom rope, designed to conform to your body with the right amount of stretch. This rope would cost you $1/ft if you bought it in a hardware or nautical store. Except you can’t – it is custom made for our use.  It replaces the underlayment foam or box springs found in traditional mattresses and offers the added advantage of adjustability for firmness.

Extreme jumping on the underlayment shows how it conforms to weight locally, without sagging all way across, This was a challenge to engineer. 

The superior custom underlayment system

Our underlayment net, in combination with our mattress, provides a level of comfort equivalent to a 10″ mattress. Not only is it lightweight, but it also uses fewer materials, making it a greener option. Additionally, it can be conveniently folded for easy shipping, storage, and travel. Although the underlayment net may not be visible in photos, you can observe its tight weave pattern on our website.

Unlike other mattress companies that focus solely on minor improvements, our Floating Bed encompasses a complete reimagining of beds that have been made for centuries. Traditional beds featured rectangular frames with a cross-hatch weave pattern of hemp rope and were topped with straw or uncarded wool. Unfortunately, this approach came with several significant drawbacks.

Firstly, hemp rope has a tendency to stretch endlessly. Secondly, achieving a flat surface was nearly impossible due to the difficulty of pulling the rope tight enough, resulting in sagging and discomfort. Thirdly, the weave pattern led to creases in the two directions that the rope ran. Lastly, straw or uncarded wool failed to offer optimal support or comfort.

Sleep tight, and don’t let the bedbugs bite

These issues gave rise to the popular saying, “Sleep tight, and don’t let the bedbugs bite.” It referred to the laborious process of periodically discarding bedbug-infested straw, pulling and stretching the ropes with great effort, and individually tying off each rope to the wooden frame in an attempt to achieve a flat surface. Even with these measures, it was impossible to eliminate sagging. Furthermore, critters would frequently climb up the bed legs, posing a constant threat. Alternatively, sleeping on the floor, which was even worse, could be considered.

An almost magical effect

In contrast, our radial weave pattern eliminates creasing and instantly conforms to your body’s shape and movements, resembling a good box spring with enhanced flex support. Our innovative hinge and lever system stretch the modern high-tech rope to an extraordinary tension of 1000 lbs. Opening the bed, which resembles a large bear trap with two levers, accomplishes in 3 or 4 minutes what a large team of people couldn’t achieve with a traditional bed. You can adjust the tightness and flatness to your preference.

With our Floating Bed, there is no global sagging when people are on it. It bends enough to conform to each person’s weight but quickly returns to its original shape on either side. This effect prevents you from rolling into the center like a valley, as experienced on a cheap cot or a hammock. In a spacious Floating Bed, multiple individuals can comfortably remain in their respective places without sagging toward the center.

Before shipping, we subject every Floating Bed to 3000 lbs of tension for two days, ensuring its strength and durability. This rigorous testing guarantees a safety margin of 3:1 and a strength rating of 1000 lbs, equivalent to accommodating five or more adults or a group of children.