Welcome to the improved Floating Bed site, and our new blog! We will update you here with discoveries about the benefits of gentle motion on overall health, new developments about our products, and more.  

We begin by introducing a Floating Bed owner to tell us of her experiences, which she will do in a forthcoming series of articles. 

Natalie Vie comes with many credentials. 

She is a professional athlete, and a member of the US Fencing Team. 

She is a health, wellness, and fitness instructor – an advanced level yoga teacher and Chinese medicine practitioner. 

If that isn’t enough, she is a natural building instructor, currently hosting a show on Discovery Plus. 


Ms Vie has owned her Floating Bed for years. While living on an organic farm in Topanga, CA, she decided to get closer to nature. So she installed her Floating Bed in a large oak tree, and moved out of the house and into it, where she has been living year round for the last 2 years. (I personally did that elsewhere too, but I gave up after 6 months when December arrived!) 

With her expertise in the wellness field, Natalie is highly qualified to give an unbiased third party opinion about the Floating Bed. Rather than say more, I will let Ms Vie speak in her own words, in a following post. 

Oh, I will add one thing. Every Body loves gentle rocking, and you will too. 

Thanks, John Huff