Hotel & Spa Use

Where would you put one?

If the photos got your attention, you are not alone. But forget the look for a moment; The Floating Bed is scientifically designed to be literally the most relaxing thing on Earth to rest upon.  This is a big benefit for your guests. 

It’s gentle rocking provides deeper relaxation and better rest in a shorter amount of time, so they will feel better, and be ready to get up & go again sooner.  This is a great benefit for your guests AND your business.

These are bold statements, but after you try one, you will feel it.  The Floating Bed has wonderful physical and emotional effects that are hard to describe, without sounding like hype; it has to be experienced.

We can prove these claims.  The gentle Omni-Pendulum “floating” motion provides numerous benefits to everyone, as shown by many scientific & medical studies. (See our Health Article & the medical studies.)

Others agree. Conte Nast Traveler chose it as one of the “10 Most Romantic Hotel Beds on Earth.”  It’s the featured Bed in the NYT & TripAdvisor stories about The Topia Inn, their #2 rated Boutique hotel in the world. INNOVENTIONS at Epcot® in Disney World® Resort calls it “The Bed of the Future.”  

20 million people have seen it on The Jay Leno Show, Extreme Makeover Home Edition, American Inventor, PBS, The Price Is Right, HGTV, the NY Times front page, & more. Many of them want to try it somewhere. 

People want to try the Bed that celebrities have – such as Steven Tyler, Uma Thurman, Woody Harrelson, Khloe Kardashian, James Cameron, Jason Momoa, & more. These are people who know how to have fun! This Bed delivers it.

Our TripAdvisor guest reviews at hotels featuring them (Six Senses, Andaz Hyatt, Topia Inn, & others) are 5 stars, every one.  People love it, & talk about it. You could be getting this kind of free word of mouth too.

Your guests come for an experience, & to relax; our product provides it. It is measurably better than their bed at home (& better than your beds too). We can design your units to suit your needs & stylistic considerations. 

How would you begin to use them?  Select placements, indoors & out:

Upscale Guest Suites - Indoors, as a sofa / extra bed. People love it for hanging out together, or sleeping. Set up as an alternative “sofa,” guests can choose how to use it, & will request that premium room again. 

Spa - for the super-relaxation & medically proven benefits of rocking.

Pool or outdoor area – as world-class private Cabanas for rental, or as a perk for all guests to use. 

Featured Room Bed, a choice that some hotels are making, as their decision-makers are discovering it.

Wherever it is, even as a sofa, is one of the best “people mixers” there is, and it is quite romantic as well. 

Please call or email us with questions, or for an appointment.