Better Health Wellness, & Longevity​​​​​​​

A Floating Bed actively contributes to your health, it doesn’t just lie there. Vestibular Motion has many benefits . Your heart pumps blood & nutrients into the cells. But to carry toxins away from cells, your body needs motion; the body’s drain system, the lymphatic system, has no pump. More motion = better health & longevity. Learn about EEG & other health studies here. ​​​​​​​

Where would you put Yours?

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No matter what attracted you in the first place, this is really why you will love this Bed – and why your body needs one.

It’s called the Bedroom for a reason.  You spend 8 hours a day, 1/3 of your life in it.  Give yourself a break! Decorate how you like, but make the room about the bed. The Floating Bed ® is the best bed on our planet for the rest, relaxation, and recuperation you deserve. Gentle rocking can relieve anxiety, depression, and provide stress relief.

A Floating Bed has benefits no other bed can provide. Your bedroom will become your own wellness center. Rock away your stress. It’s a natural muscle relaxer, as it gently massages every inch of your body.  Unlike an old-fashioned bed, even a 5 minute “pick-me-up” session on a Floating Bed will provide a significant energy boost, thanks to the increased circulation, and other benefits, that the motion provides.

Your mind becomes more calm, producing more relaxing EEG brainwaves, & fewer agitated alpha and beta waves. You have more creative EEG waves. If you are sleeping, you go into the more desirable deeper states (stage 3) faster, and stay there longer. You also have  more “sleep spindles,”  EEG signature waves that occur when cellular healing is happening. Yes, all this is measurable.It’s a natural sleep aid.

Your Bed, whatever it is, gives you less time in this highly desirable state. This Bed is the best way to sleep, and relax.

Floating Bed owners are even using them for insomnia, sleep apnea, narcolepsy, and other sleep disorders.

Athletes are discovering them too – people like Natalie Vie, USA Women’s Fencing Team.

Better sleep equals higher performance, in sports and in life overall.

It delivers health benefits while you are relaxing, sleeping, or hanging out with friends. It’s more than just furniture. Words can’t describe the feeling, but people say there is nothing else as peaceful, relaxing, and blissful as a Floating Bed.

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