Beds for Youth ​​​​​​Growing Minds & Bodies​​​​​​​

Growing up is a stressful time.  Give children the best start in life, the healthiest Bed.  They love the feeling of floating – they can’t wait to get in it.  They aren’t held back by outdated ideas about décor, or how how old-fashioned beds look; they just want the best. You want the best for them too.

Childhood Development and Learning

Many youngsters are dealing with depression, acting out, and distractions that keeping them from learning – and of course, going to bed on time.

Children love having a Floating Bed to sleep on, read or study on, unwind on, enjoy with friends, and play on. It can inspire their imagination. Younger ones can turn it into a fort, or secret hideaway, or castle, while getting some exercise as they rock themselves. It’s incredibly sturdy. (We test every Bed with 3000 lbs for two days to give it a 1000 lb rating for a generous margin of safety, so they can jump around in it to their heart’s content; they won’t break it.)

Standard bedding fits the Floating Bed®. (Call to find out why.) You can decorate it in traditional or contemporary style to fit your home décor.

And of course, the best things about having a strong>Floating Bed® are the health benefits and the feeling of deep relaxation it provides; nothing else compares. Thanks to the motion, they (or you) get deeper rest; even a 5 minute nap in it is refreshing, unlike an ordinary bed. It turns a normal night at home into a wonderful experience. Because the benefits are real, & measurable (see the scientific studies pages), it helps create that blissful feeling every time you get in it, from now on. Your children with thank you for this great gift. Sleep disorders, such as problems falling asleep and sleep apnea, affect your child’s ability to get the sleep needed for good growth, development and overall health. Problems with sleeping contribute to problems with learning, mood and behavior troubles during the daytime. Growth hormone is only secreted during slow wave sleep. This means that children only grow during that specific phase of sleep. If they don’t stay in slow wave sleep long enough they don’t grow normally. Growing is not just about having the right hormone, it’s also about spending enough time in the proper phase of sleep every night. Children also develop their brain while they sleep. If there’s not enough time spent in deep sleep, the brain must decide what to put off until tomorrow night. If the deep sleep is shorter than normal, night after night, then some parts of normal brain development just don’t happen. Most children with milder sleep disorders just have a hard time getting out of bed. That inability to wake up means the brain has really not finished what it needs to do. The brain wanted to sleep until 10:00 am to finish last night’s tasks. Children who can’t fall asleep or stay asleep have very severe sleep disorders, and inevitably develop either physical or psychological illness due to this lack of normal time spent in sleep. This is something you can do that can improve their life, and your life. Bed-wetting is a sleep disorder. Bed-wetting means that a child is not spending enough time in deep sleep. Anti-diuretic hormone, a hormone that limits our urine production during sleep, (so we don’t have to get up and interrupt our repair) is only released during deep sleep. Children who cannot get into or stay in deep sleep make too much urine and wet the bed.

Anxiety and Depression are related to Sleep:

Anxiety and depression are both common in children now. Both sleep issues and emotional issues have increased dramatically in children over the last 40 years.

Psychological development is related to sleep.

“Not a Morning Person” is a sleep disorder!

GABA is the brain’s own tranquilizer. It down-regulates the brain’s electricity. When GABA is active, brain waves in the slow theta range (4 to 7 Hertz) increase. While brain waves in the higher frequency range play an important role in communication and problem solving, theta waves are important for maintaining a good balance in brain chemicals. This deeper rest is critical for growth, health, and happiness.

All these words still can’t describe the feeling, but people say there is nothing else as peaceful, relaxing, & blissful as a Floating Bed. Call 641 472 6651 for a free planning guide and consultation, to see how a Floating Bed can work in your space!