Beautiful exotic beds

A Floating Bed is the ideal bed, daybed, guest bed, sofa, & relaxation device. It’s a beautiful art piece, that brings people together. It’s a blissful experience, & an instant party, a natural gathering place for friends, who will all be envious. It can be installed in any ceiling in a day or two – yes, any ceiling, including yours! Our manual tells how.

Beautiful Décor

Where would you put yours?

Some people buy a Floating Bed® just because it looks amazing, but you will enjoy it year after year because they feel even better than they look. It’s a real Bed, not a cheap toy, or just a “sparkle pony.”   It’s Better Than Your Bed It’s an ideal bed, and relaxation device. It’s an art piece. It’s an instant party, a natural gathering place for friends, or a special guest. It will be hard to keep your friends out of it, if you show it to them. Replace your Bed, sofa, guest bed, sleeper sofa, outdoor furniture or daybed, with a beautiful, exotic piece of furniture that does it all, while providing deeper relaxation, better health, and sleep. It does more than “just lie there.” Your friends will be envious!

It’s the most modern bed & sleep system available; Disney Epcot calls it “The Bed of the Future.”

It has benefits no other bed can provide. Your bedroom will become your own wellness center.

Rock away your stress. Let the motion gently massage every inch of your body.  Unlike an old-fashioned round bed, even a 3-5 minute “pick-me-up” session on a Floating Bed will provide a significant energy boost, thanks to the increased circulation, better EEG readings, and other benefits that the motion provides. This is the best way to sleep, and relax.

There are many locations for a Floating Bed

  • Main Bedroom – it’s the best bedroom furniture anywhere.
  • Living Room – sofa, daybed or guest bed.
  • Murphy Bed- use our hoist system to easily pull up to ceiling, out of the way.
  • Outdoors – patio or porch, with one of our stands,
  • Outdoors, in a gazebo, trellis, other feature, or tree
  • Or any place you like. Since it is a bed, a “sofa” or furniture, a party mixer, and art object.

Floating Beds ® are Versatile! Both indoor daybeds and outdoor daybeds were very popular in ancient times, for example in Greece and Rome. People frequently used them indoors for entertaining; they often slept in outdoor daybeds too. In fact, the word “couch” comes from the word to sleep, and the sofa was also originally a bed. Homes in ancient cultures often featured day beds, and people did not distinguish between a “bed” or “sofa.”  The Floating bed is the newest and best in a long line of classic furniture with many uses.

Floating Bed® as a Canopy bed Many daybeds are canopy beds, and it’s easy to make one with a Floating Bed.  The Cascade Lines are designed to hold a decorative bower (or optional indoor tent) to cover it for privacy. This allows you to put one in any room (such as the living room) as a sofa or daybed, and give the occupants or guests some seclusion if they wish to close it.  An ordinary bed just sitting in the open would look out of place, whereas a Floating canopy Bed or swing bed looks wonderful, and natural.

Put a Floating Bed in a space that gets little use, and it will instantly become the popular place.

A Floating Bed delivers health benefits while you are relaxing, sleeping, or hanging out with friends. It’s more than just furniture.  Words can’t describe the feeling, but people say there is nothing else as peaceful, relaxing, & blissful as a Floating Bed.

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