About John Huff

Have a seat, it’s a journey…

Scientist and Inventor, creator of a variety of new categories of products:

  • Creation and development of products for better health, for education, and of self-development tools.
  • Expertise in speaking and presenting at live events.
  • Background in managing small businesses to turn ideas into products.
  • Expertise in select areas of human physiology, and in how the body, nervous system, and brain process certain stimuli. 
  • Expertise in nutrition, with special focus on herbs and their effects on the body and mental states.
  • Implementation of electronics and other technology; audio, video, media, music & reproduction.
  • Mechanical devices – specialized expertise in the behavior of objects in motion, psychoacoustics, and related physiological & mental effects of various physical stimuli.
  • Mechanical devices – expertise in structural integrity of objects, and how they work.
  • Loudspeaker driver inventor, and expertise in how the brain processes audio stimulus. (This is a highly specialized field that is critical in order to understand and minimize specific types of distortion and related stimuli that affect our emotional/mental states, and thus affect our listening experience.)

And more:

John Huff is a renowned scientist and inventor who has made significant contributions in various fields. With expertise in human physiology, nutrition, and electronics, he has created innovative products for better health, education, and self-development. John’s passion for understanding how the body, nervous system, and brain process stimuli has led him to delve into specialized areas such as the effects of motion, sound, and sleep on our well-being.

His extensive research includes studying thousands of original scientific studies published in renowned journals like Pub Med and The Lancet. Recognizing the delay between research discoveries and practical implementation, John has dedicated his career to shortening this gap. He applies practical implementation, interpolation, and education to bring scientific knowledge to practical use.

The Journey… 

John’s journey into exploring the impact of food and sound on human health led him to discover the importance of sleep as the number one predictor of overall well-being. Understanding that motion produces the best sleep quality, he conceptualized and designed The Floating Bed. This patented bed, based on medical research, provides numerous health benefits, including improved circulation and relaxation.

The bed has gained recognition for its positive impact on individuals and is widely used in hotels, spas, and by individuals around the world. The Floating Bed has been featured on popular television shows like Jay Leno, American Inventor, Extreme Makeover Home Edition, and PBS. Its futuristic design is showcased at Disney World Resort’s Innoventions in Epcot.

Aside from The Floating Bed, John has invented numerous other products throughout his career. His expertise in loudspeaker design and his understanding of how the brain processes audio stimuli have led him to create sonically accurate speaker systems. His company, Huff Loudspeaker Co., is known for its high-end audio speakers preferred by discerning stereo listeners and home theater enthusiasts. HLC’s clients include renowned personalities like Paul Allen, the Vice President of Microsoft.

Hi-Tech, Soft Touch

John has also ventured into the technology industry, serving as the Technology Officer and lead presenter for Sutratel, a company specializing in early T-1 based videoconferencing systems. In addition, he has had successful ventures in the audio-video design industry with his companies Electron and Enlightened Audio Design.

Beyond his scientific and entrepreneurial pursuits, John has also made significant contributions to the fields of communication, media, and publishing. As the CEO and owner of “Let’s Talk” Co., he worked as a writer, publisher, and owner in the realm of self-development and psychology-related media.

His company marketed products and services that enhanced communication through entertainment and education. John also co-published and promoted two children’s books, including “Princess Jessica Rescues A Prince,” which portrayed a self-actualized female heroine, a groundbreaking concept at the time.

The Early Years 

In his early years, John’s interest in science and innovation was nurtured by his mentor, Roy English, a remarkable science teacher who taught him practical knowledge and skills. His passion for music also played a significant role in his life. As a working musician, producer, lyricist, and performer, John collaborated with various artists and labels, including Warner Bros. Music Publishing and Kenny Rogers Publishing. He recorded albums, toured extensively, and worked with renowned musicians like Mike Love of the Beach Boys and Jan and Dean.

Outside of his professional endeavors, John has engaged in philanthropic projects and initiatives. He directed America’s Greeting to The Soviet Union in 1987, a peace initiative that gathered significant support and influenced US-Soviet dialog. He also worked with artist Peter Max, Yoko Ono, and other notable figures during this project. Additionally, he collaborated with Joseph Goldin on creating “Spacebridges,” live interactive television broadcasts of music and goodwill between America and the Soviet Union.