Meet The Bed of Your Dreams

The best bed on the planet

It’s better than your bed!

The bed of your dreams – for better sleep and total relaxation. Scientifically proven to provide better health, wellness, relaxation, and sleep quality.  Gently rock away anxiety, stress, even insomnia (without medication).

The Floating Bed® is the World’s Most Advanced Bed. It features gentle motion, memory foam, latex, or hybrid mattress, a large, flat sleeping surface, & adjustable firmness. It’s durable, weather proof, & strong- rated to hold 1000 lbs.

The Floating Bed always sends me into a deep and calm slumber. I miss it when I am away and always look forward to its gentle rocking when I return home – Woody Harrelson, Actor and Health Advocate

Will gently rocking work for you? (it already did – go ask your mother…)  – John Huff, Inventor

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Six reasons to have one…

A beautiful, exotic bed
A Floating Bed is the ideal Bed, daybed, guest bed, sofa, & relaxation device. It’s a beautiful art piece, that brings people together.  Learn More >
An Outdoor Daybed for Outdoor Living​​​​​​​

Expand your living space. Create a new bedroom – outdoors! It’s a perfect place to relax, get away, & enjoy nature.​​​​​​​ Learn More >

Better Health, Wellness, Longevity​​​​​​​

A Floating Bed actively contributes to your health, it doesn’t just lie there. Vestibular Motion has many benefits, e.g. – to carry toxins away from cells, your body needs motion…
Learn More >

Better Sleep than Your Bed​​​​​​​

Gentle rocking is a natural, proven sleep aid. Nature chose this motion for it’s calming effect. It is the same primal motion we all felt, gently floating in mother’s womb.
Learn More >

Beds for Youth ​​Growing Minds & Bodies

Growing up is a stressful time. Give children the best start in life, the healthiest Bed. They love the feeling of floating – they can’t wait to get in it. Learn More >

Special Needs

A Floating Bed® is safer, healthier sleep system for special needs. It is one of the best sleep systems you can provide for many disabilities, including Autism, Autism Spectrum Disorder, PDD-NOS, Aspergers, Fragile X, ADD, ADHD Learn More >

About the Bed

The finishing touch on this magical place however, was the Floating Bed. I have never seen anything like it. It was like being rocked to sleep in the arms of God. – A.L, TripAdvisor review, Ojai Secret Garden

The Evolution of the Bed

Early bed

A little bit later

Still primitive

Your future Bed!

The origin of The Floating Bed is a long story, full of history, discoveries, research, many stops and starts, adventures at rock concerts and peaceful resorts, scientific research, secret rendezvous with famous customers (who are mostly shy to mention us – but not all), and, after all, the manifestation of an original vision that has created over 20 million hours of deep and delightful sleep for owners world-wide.

The experience of the floating bed is uniquely relaxing. There is a calming effect due to a slight swing when you get in. That movement is quietly settling and soothing to the user. It really is like being rocked gently to sleep.

The Floating Bed is a total paradigm shift that will transform the rest of your life. It is not just a curiosity piece that you will discard in a few years, it is an unparalleled masterpiece of design that simply revolutionizes technology, comfort, and health.

One of the most remarkable aspects of the Floating Bed construction is the powerful rope stretching technology used in finishing the bed. This procedure ensures that the bed remains tight and sag-free, providing a consistently comfortable sleeping experience.

See what people say about the Floating Bed, the scientifically proven bed designed to provide better health, wellness, relaxation, and sleep quality.

Trust us when we say that we’ve heard it all – we let over 40,000 people try one out, at public events, festivals, vip areas backstage at concerts & TV shows.

Browse a selection of assorted research studies on the benefits of rocking and sleep as well as its effects on miscellaneous health topics.

Design your Bed

There are several decisions to make to create a Bed that is truly yours. Let’s talk today and make your floating dream come true.